About Us

History of Oklahoma Organic Gardening Association

Founded in 1977, Oklahoma Organic Gardening Association has offered help for gardeners through monthly meetings, gardening seminars, newsletters and old-fashioned neighborly help.  Perhaps the greatest contribution OOGA has given to its members is sharing the gardening knowledge of members with other gardeners. Timely garden hints and tips, homemade botanical sprays, companion planting, intercropping, compost making, best garden varieties for our area, and members favorite recipes are some of the materials that are shared at each meeting and in our outreach programs.

Are you interested in preserving the environment, providing safe and healthy food supplies for yourself and your family, promoting a life-style that harmonizes with nature and all her bounty? Join OOGA today for a helping hand.

Ideally, An Organic Gardener. .

  • Strives to improve soil by adding compost, manures, cover crops, etc.
  • Provides extra nutrients by adding cottonseed meal, blood meal, fish emulsion, or seaweed only as needed.
  • Pulls weeds to discourage diseases and insects – they are not welcome.
  • Rotates crops to minimize recurring damage from the previous year and to meet the needs of some heavy feeders which may have depleted nutrients.
  • Improves drainage by using raised beds and adds adequate organic materials to improve soil tilth.
  • Uses resistant varieties to minimize disease and nematode damage.
  • Companion plants to improve overall health of plants, repel pests and attract beneficial insects.
  • Succession plants to efficiently use limited gardening space.
  • Uses mechanical means and botanical controls – hand picking insects, row covers, traps, etc.
  • Most importantly: Ideally, an organic gardener protects the family and the environment from the misuse of toxic chemicals of any sort – by striving to minimize the use of these substances.