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Founded in 1977, Oklahoma Organic Gardening Association has offered help for gardeners through monthly meetings, gardening seminars, newsletters and old-fashioned neighborly help.  Perhaps the greatest contribution OOGA has given to its members is sharing the gardening knowledge of members with other gardeners. Timely garden hints and tips, homemade botanical sprays, companion planting, intercropping, compost making, best garden varieties for our area, and members favorite recipes are some of the materials that are shared at each meeting and in our outreach programs.

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September OOGA Meeting Canceled

Dear OOGA Members and Attenders: We are continuing to monitor the Covid situation and have decided to cancel our September OOGA meeting also. We will keep you advised, but hope to reconvene in October. In the meantime, organic on! All the best, TEAM OOGA


Dear OOGA Members and Attenders: We deeply regret canceling our August 27th, 2021 OOGA meeting, but feel it’s in the best interest of everyone, based on the rapidly spreading Covid Delta Variant. We will continue to monitor the situation and address this month by month. In the meantime, organic on! All the best, TEAM OOGA

OSU-OKC All-American Selections (“AAS”) Plant Trials

In our July OOGA meeting, Professor Haldor Howard included in his presentation AAS plant trials by his students. Here’s the list of the cultivars his class started from seed in the greenhouse and then transplanted outdoors: Prizm kale Konan kohlrabi Katarina cabbage Avalanche white beet Red Kingdom mizuna Snak Hero snap pea Bopak pak choi […]

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